Authority Stomper

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Ah, there's nothing like a song about hating the police! Many punks and hardcore kids can relate to lyrics about getting into trouble with the law. But we would like to raise the criticism to another level. The police as an institution are only made necessary in a society divided between those who have and those who don’t. The law is written to ensure the power of the already wealthy. Thus, the police are nothing but the henchmen of our real enemy: capitalist society.


The hand that beats you is easy to see
It's harder to pinpoint the powers that be
Jump to conclusions, the easy way out
Step up your analysis, that's what we're about
Ranting and raving, how you hate the police
Ignorance is bliss, won't give you release
Understand the system, see the real enemy
It's the politicians and their tools, the authority

They can throw you in chains
But never handcuff your brain


from The end of conformity, track released January 18, 2012
This song was recorded at HoboRec in January 2012 by Ulf "Kirurgen" Blomberg & Lose the Life. It's a promo track from an upcoming 12" release on Ugly & Proud Records. Keep your eyes peeled for more info!



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